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Video Blog #9 – What Is Project Management?

The title of Project Manager has grown in the last ten years to be a common one found in many projects and companies.  Often times we find that there is not a single definition of what a Project Manager is and does as the title me conferred in different contexts even within the same organization.  So when management consulting firms like Golden Source Consultants state that they Project Management as a core offering some clarification is often needed to describe what the service is.


Using the Project Management Institute’s definition, project management is “the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve project objectives.”  This is still very vague, so we dive further into asking what a project is defined as.  The characteristics of a project are:

  • unique
  • transient in nature
  • undertaken to achieve planned objectives

In these very specific situation, when a project exists, a single person is tasked with the goal of managing the time, cost, resources, scope, and risk of that project.  This person is the Project Manager.  So while the goals may be different and the methods and processes vary, these five things will always be the responsibility of a Project Manager.

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