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Video Blog #1 – How Did GSC Start?

As Golden Source Consultants comes into year 4 of business, we’re excited to keep answering great questions from our clients, our team, and our peers.  Over the years our core value of openness and sharing has lead us to be sought after for advice on topics ranging from “What are my competitors doing that I need to be aware of?” to “How can I better mentor the next generation?”

We want to answers more of these questions, so in true Millennial style we’ve found an innovative solution.  Our new Video Blog series is here for you to answer your hardest questions.  Please leave us a comment or message here or on our Facebook page so we can answer your questions.

To start us off with, our CEO Jordan Lofton is answering some questions asked frequently about Golden Source Consultants.  Today she tells us the story of how Golden Source Consultants began from a simple client need and a humble response of “yes”.  In her own words Jordan says, “At that time, it was a shock to me.  It wasn’t something I had planned to do.  So I went to family and friends, really thinking that they would confirm for me that this was too risky,…but amazingly, my family and friends encouraged me to pursue this opportunity.  So I took the savings I had in my bank account and I hired two employees.  We had one project, and one client.”

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