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Podcast – Training Millennial Employees

Welcome to Episode Two of the LION’s Den: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the second episode, we discuss the training of millennial employees: and why that’s an essential part of working with millennial employees.

Discussion guide for today’s show:

1. Why is the training of millennials so important?

2. Many employers do not want to work with millennials because they don’t have relevant “experience.” That’s EXACTLY why training is critical.

3. Millennials have more education than any generation before it. Granted, it is theoretical education, but it is a very solid foundation from which to build with training.

4. “Just because millennials are highly educated, doesn’t mean you can NOT train them.”

5. Keep in mind: we know these millennial employees can learn. Their education proves it. Teach them more! They need practical training, not just theoretical education!

6. “They have an appetite to learn.”

7. Millennials are thirsting for further education. Just remember: training (and learning) never ends…

8. There is a perception that millennials change job frequently. Remember this key point: many move to a new opportunity because they did NOT receive training at the last one. As an employee, are you an investment worth keeping?

9. The relationship between millennial and employer is an investment: The millennial is investing time and energy. Hopefully, the employer is investing training to make that millennial all he or she can be.

10. We are saying that employers need to increase their spending on training. Especially if these millennials are interacting with your customers…

11. You have to acknowledge the cost of recruiting. Chances are, you are spending good money recruiting people into your organization. Why would you NOT train and invest in them?

12. Continued training and personal development becomes a retention strategy!

13. “If millennials are growing new skill sets, they are happy employees!”

14. Down the road, the student becomes the master: Ultimately, you can engage your millennials to train NEW recruits long-term. This is very rewarding to those millennials who get to teach new people…

15. Training leads to happier employees, which leads to better recruiting when those employees push the brand online. Training ultimately feeds your marketing.

16. Millennials really do care about their organizations mission, purpose, and “why” – part of the training program has to include being sure they understand this.

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