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The GSC Elevator Pitch

The GSC Elevator Pitch

It was several weeks ago when I was riding in an elevator with a consultant from another firm, that I was asked, “So you own Golden Source Consultants? How did that happen?” I literally was given the opportunity to share my elevator pitch.

The real story of Golden Source Consultants takes a little longer than the elevator ride did, but the best answer I can give a reader is not to ask a Golden Source Consultant about “How”, but rather “Why”. The How was the easy part. So in this, our very first post, I am going to share with you the much more important story of Why.

If Golden Source Consultants seems like it started out of the blue, that’s because it did. Life as an independent contractor was rolling right along when one day a client had a dilemma. He was staffing for a project that would be two years long and would reshape the way the company’s sales teams took every single customer order. The business needed this project to be a success, and do-overs were not an option.

This client was nervous. Two other projects with the same scope had failed when they were launched to the markets. Those projects had marched right along, with no one flagging risks, no one thinking through how the processes would change, and no strategic vision on how the implementation would go. When the project failed, the business turned the old system back on, the users complained about the wasted time and money, and leadership scratched their heads wondering what was it about this carefully selected and well worked solution that had gone wrong.

This client saw the inner workings of the project, and knew the answer to leadership’s question. “Your project failed because it wasn’t managed strategically.”

When Golden Source Consultants was formed, it was formed in response to this client’s need.

After many years in consulting, I knew this story was not unique. I had seen many clients make the assumption that Project Management, Business Process Design, and Strategy were just “things that happened”. They fell prey to the offer of large consulting firms that these were services that could be “bundled” as part of the implementation to give them the check box they were looking for.
This time was different however. There was a call to action. Could we help solve this problem?

I also knew the story of the consultants on the other side. After accepting an offer that seemed to good to be true, they were given an opportunity to grow by being placed in new and challenging roles. They eagerly worked away to help their clients and prove that they could take on anything that was handed to them. All too often these very same consultants who were eager to grow were also eager to learn, and to be exposed to new and different challenges. Slowly though they began to feel pigeon-holed. Training opportunities went away. “If you want to grow, just do more work.”

Finally, in exasperation, these very same consultants which provided a great value to their client had a choice. To grow, should they work for another firm or should they transition to another industry?

Rather than do a few simple things to invest back in the talent which sold the services, the firms allowed talent to leave. Ultimately this hurt the client, who lost the knowledge of a key asset. It hurt the firm by losing a team member who not only was profitable but invaluable. Lastly, it hurt the consultant who saw the hard work and effort they invested be undervalued.

When Golden Source Consultants started, we realized that to be successful it wasn’t enough to solve our clients’ challenges at the expense of our team. That was our second call to action. Could we offer our consultants a better and more rewarding experience?

As you can see the reason Why we created Golden Source Consultants far outweighs the How. So now the we circle back to the elevator question, How. How does Golden Source Consultants address these two calls to action.

That’s why the Lion’s Den is here. We hope you can learn first hand from the Partners and from our team about How Golden Source Consultants responds to our call to action.

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