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Small Businesses Blaze The Customer Experience Trail

At Golden Source Consultants we recognize that small businesses often take the lead in innovation.  This is both a necessity and a differentiator for them.  Customer Experience is certainly an area that stands out in this regards.  For that reason we asked three Atlanta leaders in small business to kick off our panel discussion on Customer Experience.

In this video, our moderator John Patterson of Progressive Insights, introduces the topic of Customer Experience and begins a discussion with the Atlanta Hawks, Goldberg’s Bagels, and Roam.

Erin Blecha, Director of Fan Experience at Atlanta Hawks is in the world of making memories. Listen as she discusses how the Hawks continually innovate and redesign their space to provide the best fan experience possible.

Our second panel member, Peyton Day CEO of ROAM, describes how to create a company culture that provides the best Customer Experience possible.

Our final panel member, Stanley Fur, Head of Operations at Goldberg’s Group is a part of a leading deli restaurant in Atlanta. Stanley provides insight on how focusing on your employees and their well-being can ultimately result in your company providing a better experience for your customers.

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