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Podcast – Is There A Millennial Crisis?

Podcast – Is There a Millennial Crisis?

Welcome to Episode One of the LION’s Den: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the first episode, we ask the important question: Is there a millennial crisis in the workforce? And if so, what is it, and what do we do about it?


Discussion guide for today’s show:

1. Why is discussing the state of millennials in the workforce worth discussing? There are challenges, of course, but looking at them through the right lens changes how we address them and move forward.

2. Is there a millennial crisis in the workforce? Are we looking at this from the right perspective?

3. “It’s a numbers game!” Jordan shares significant statistics demonstrating the reality of the situation.

4. Are businesses prepared? What mistakes are they making?

5. Are we seeing the young talent in the organization we want to promote up in the organization?

6. How will our business change as millennials join an organization’s workforce.

7. Do we have the right perception of millennials?

8. What are some of the other concerns employers have with regards to millennials?

9. Millennials are VERY brand aware, which has a real impact on their influence on your organization and how you need to manage them.

10. They want to identify with a brand that tells a story. And, they want to work for one too…that has a purpose and mission. They want to be a part of something like that.

11. The impact of technology and social media on how millennials interact with an organization. They like to share their experiences, including their work experience…

12. “They are not sharing a brand. They are sharing an experience.”

13. The employee experience is as important to millennials as the customer experience.

14. Sit down and talk with your millennial employees. Listen, ask them questions…what are they excited to tell their peers about? What are the disconnects between how you run your business and the story your brand is telling.

15. What validates millennial employees is that their employer LISTENED to them. It goes miles for them…

16. Jordan shares the details of her Associate Program, and the lessons others can learn from how she structured this program for her millennial employees.

17. How will businesses change when these millennials employees ascend into leadership roles. And how will the changes of your customer base impact your organization? As in, when more and more of your customers are millennials, how will that impact how you operate?

18. What are the skill sets you currently need, and how can millennials fill those leadership roles?

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