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Healthcare P&Ts – Patient

Healthcare P&Ts – Patient

Patients are the “why” of your organization. As the center of your practice, there are three key metrics you should evaluate to be prepared for the ebbs and flows of case loads.

Quality of Care Continuity

The ability to safely and adequately provide care is priority number one. Part of preparedness is knowing how high-quality care can continue for patients across all departments in the midst of a surge event.

Capacity Maturity

Preparedness also requires providers to be aware of their true capacity beyond just bed count, rooms available, or number of appointments. Understanding the bottlenecks in your treatment plan highlights unseen capacity issues. For instance, if your organization was limited in the number of ICU nurses available, your capacity was reduced by the constraint of talent you had, even if ICU beds were available.

Patient Communication

Lastly, maintaining patient health and safety also means having a clear way of communicating to patients. Patients should know when they should come to receive care and how they can avoid secondary exposure to known health threats such as COVID-19. Healthcare organizations that fail to have strong communication channels in place for patients experience both the surge demand for care and increased administrative response as patients seek information or updates. Failing to explain policies to patients and family members results in increased exposure for patients and providers.

To learn the key questions your organizations should think through to excel in Patient care, request our P&T white paper here.




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