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Golden Source Consultants’ Birthday Wishes



by Jordan C. Lofton

As the aunt of an 8 month old, I can testify that it is the earliest milestones that receive the most celebration.  It is that precious time when age is measured in weeks or months that bring so much joy.  As adults the passing of each year marks a chance to celebrate what we have accomplished and remind us of what we hope to celebrate in our future.

It is customary that birthdays are celebrated with cake and candles.  We close our eyes, take a deep breath, and make a wish.  Woooosssshhhhh….the candles may be blown out, but our wish lives on unnamed and waiting for fulfillment.

Today is Golden Source Consultants’ third birthday.  As the owner, I look back just as a parent would at their child’s development.  I’ve seen GSC grow from the first moment of conception, through the shaky and often uncertain first few steps, and now I see how this organization stands and runs on its own.  So as a proud “parent” I do what every proud mother does.  I celebrate another milestone that proves successful growth and maturity.

If we were to break tradition for just once, and share Golden Source Consultants’ birthday wishes with you here is what they would be.

Success for Our Clients

As consultants our clients’ dreams, our clients’ goals, our clients’ milestones are our milestones.  Our team wakes up each day and measures our success against the success of our clients.  We ache when you ache, we cheer when you cheer, and sometimes we push you and encourage you when you can’t find it in yourself to push.  At the end of the day, it is our client that receives the reward of our work.  So Golden Source Consultants wishes our clients much success this year.

Fulfillment of Our Team’s Dreams

At Golden Source Consultants one of the most powerful things we do is talk about our mission and vision.  When we say that, we don’t just talk about the GSC mission and vision.  We talk about OUR PERSONAL mission and vision.  We each have a purpose in our lives, and our work is to bring us closer to our purpose or help us fulfill it.  So we work with the intention that we bring our mission and vision to the table, to work passionately with one another towards the goals we collectively have.  The second wish we have this birthday is for those dreams to come true a little more every day.

Opportunities to Make a Difference

We work towards one end, to make a difference in the world.  As a team we know our skills have the ability to impact great change.  We wouldn’t be passionate about consulting if we didn’t believe that.  We know that our clients shape industry, change economies, bring value, aid their constituents, and give back to their communities and causes.  So that means with each activity we take on at GSC we have the awesome privilege and responsibility of making a difference.  Our final wish is that we continue to join our clients in changing the world.

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