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Chick-fil-A: Hospitality and Service Design Are Customer Experience Essentials – Ryan Magnon

At Chick-fil-A, the focus has always been on customers and culture. In this video, Ryan Magnon Senior Manager of Chick-fil-A’s Hospitality and Service Design Organization, discusses how the service model is the framework for their Customer Experience.

You can’t deny that Chick-fil-A has a great product, but as Ryan put it “that’s just a ticket to entry”. This is where Chick-fil-A’s 2nd Mile Service comes into play.

  • The foundation is Operational Excellence
  • The next piece is a Quality Product
  • The final aspect is Genuine, Proactive, and Personal Hospitality

Chick-fil-A’s 2nd Mile Service was made to ‘Surprise and Delight’ customer’s and create a great experience for everyone.

Learn even more about how Chick-fil-A’s service model produces such great experiences that it keeps their customers coming back for more in the video above.

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