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Podcast – How to Challenge A Millennial Employee

Welcome to Episode Four of the LIONs DEN: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the fourth episode, we discuss how to keep millennial employees challenged!

Millennial Engagement

Discussion guide for today’s show:

1. “Keeping millennial employees challenged.” What do we mean by that?

2. One of the reasons millennials are disengaged, or leave to find other work, is that they don’t find the work challenging enough.

3. Millennials were raised in a competitive culture and environment, and they need to continue to live (and thrive) in that space. The bar has ALWAYS been set high for them? Are we NOT doing that now?

4. Millennials love to problem solve. You need to recognize they are looking for a challenge!

5. If your millennials are simply clocking in nine to five, chances are they are bored.

6. How do you begin to turn this around?

7. Sometimes you have to explain that entry level work is a good way to learn the business.

8. As always, you have to explain the why and the bigger picture of the work they are being asked to do.

9. Keep in mind that millennials will not just be given more challenging work. They are to prove they can be given that responsibility.

10. Management has to constantly review and analyze how high they can set the bar. It’s not set once…

11. Employers won’t always get this right, it might take a few opportunities to place a millennial in the right role with the right amount of challenging work. This is another reason training matters, because you begin to see what excites employees.

12. At the end of the day, some millennials will just not connect with the role, and will leave. How do we handle this?

13. “Fail fast, and fail early.”

14. Where do you draw the line between blaming failure on the millennials, verses blaming the employers internal processes?

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