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Big Data: New Challenges, New Solutions

When most think of Big Data, they think of the monumental challenges that businesses and technologists face.  But there are others who see these very same challenges as new opportunities to provide break through solutions.  We asked three unique companies to share their solutions with our audience.  As you can see each solution solves a different challenge, in a different industry, but all of them use Big Data.  This only scratches the surface of new solutions yet to come.  At GSC we’re thrilled that we had were able to see three solutions on the cutting edge.

Here’s a quick summary of the three solutions discussed at the Golden Source Consultants LIONShare event.

Kunal AgarwalUnravel Data –  Unravel Data started as a Duke University research project 5 years ago, before Kunal and his cofounder branched out to take their solution to the market.  With his background in technology, Kunal recognized that there were many times where tracking down the problem in a data base cluster was hard to do.  You can increase that challenge exponentially in a Big Data solution.  Unravel Data helps in three ways: Simplify, Optimize, and Control.  Kunal likes to say that Unravel is “Big Data for Big Data”.

Marc PriceOpenet – Marc begins his talk by asking a very simple question.  If Google, Facebook, and Twitter each have billions of activities that happen every day, how does that data get to where it needs to go?  Networks.  This is where Openet comes in.  They help network carriers look at that information and make sense of it both inside the company and outside the company.  This data has always been sought after but previously there was no way for a business to economically store and process such a large amount of information.  Now we have the ability to store data and to begin to run predictive analytics using it like never before.  In his talk, Marc gives us some highlights how Openet helps operators scale to handle trillions of events a day.

Will McGinnisPredikto – Will is part of the Predikto team.  An Atlanta startup, that specializes in predicting when heavy transit systems are going to fail.  That means that Will and his team are the guys who keep your train running on time.  Will explains that in many of the transit networks, there are hundreds and thousands of sensors that provide data that can be used to predict failure.  While Big Data abounds, many in heavy transit are new to the Big Data world.  This means that the Predikto team helps clients make the transition to Big Data environments, analyze the data, and provide an output that can allow them to make decisions.

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