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Autotrader: Customer Experience is Customer Centric – Jason Allen

Jason Allen formerly with Autotrader takes the time to discuss how Autotrader has taken very pragmatic steps to develop a customer-centric foundation so that they can ensure great customer experiences.

Jason breaks the process of developing this foundation into 5 main steps.

  • Connect all of your customers to the customer journey and understand their needs and emotions.
  • Listen to your customers and provide ways for them to give you feedback.
  • Share the customer feedback and how you are taking it into account.
  • Engage with your team and show how they are integral pieces of creating great Customer Experiences.
  • Integrate Customer Experience activities into the overall business. As Jason mentioned, ask yourself how are you going to “start with the customer feedback instead of end with it?”

Watch the video above from the GSC LIONShare to learn more about how Autotrader implemented these steps and how they can make for a successful foundation to create successful customer experiences.

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