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Assurant: Easing the Customer Experience – Gary Alan Turner

According to Gary Alan Turner of Assurant Solutions, Customer Effort is a very important aspect of the overall Customer Experience. That is, how do you make it easy for the customer to use or buy your products and/or services?

Creating low effort experiences involves an intuitive process to use or buying your products and/or services. You don’t want your customers to figure everything out themselves. But why is Customer Effort such an important aspect of the Customer Experience?

Gary provided telling data from a recent Corporate Executive Board study, stating that Customer Effort is a great predictor of financial success. To dive even deeper, they found that:

“94% of customers that had a low effort experience are more likely to purchase from you again…not only are they going to repurchase, 88% of them will spend more with you the next time they repurchase”

It is difficult to argue with numbers like those that Customer Effort is not important. Watch the video above to learn even more about how to provide value and understanding to the overall Customer Experience through focusing on Customer Effort.

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