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2021 Top 8 Data Visualization Tools For Healthcare

What are the features?

Selecting and utilizing a business visualization and analytics tool can have immense and lasting positive impacts on many aspects of a healthcare providers work.

Benefits of using a Data Visualization Tool:

  1. Increased visibility for all members of an organization of internal trends.
  2. Increased ease of access to data insights for all decision-makers.
  3. Increased power to analyze multiple data sources and uncover the hidden stories that they are telling.
  4. Automating the ability to generate visual reports.
  5. The potential to monitor data trends as data is updated.

The incredible power and potential of data visualization have brought many powerful solutions to the market. Recognizing the need and value that data visualization tools offer our healthcare provider clients, Golden Source Consultants has thoroughly reviewed eight (8) solutions.

While all solutions are robust and effective, we believe that the target user audience creates differentiators that buyers should consider when reviewing and selecting a data visualization tool. To this end, Golden Source Consultants has further categorized the vendors reviewed into three categories:

  1. Front-End User Focus: Tableau, Domo, and Sisense all seem to indicate that their focus is on the ease of which one can display simple, effective, and precise graphs for each circumstance. They are complex and powerful analytics tools but clearly focus on speaking to the customer who may have limited or no understanding of complex coding or query building.
  2. Back-End User Focus: IBM Cognos, Qlik, Pentaho lean towards users with existing experience with back-end functionality. This means that they are compatible with users who want to insert their own coding and queries using R, Python, SQL, and others at any time.  While each solution also provides front-end capabilities, GSC has categorized these tools because of the vendor’s heavy emphasis on back-end capabilities.
  3. Both: Microsoft Power BI and Oracle are two tools that offer both front-end and back-end capabilities to varying degrees. No clear target audience could be defined, and features were sufficient for either user base.

In Table A, we explore eight softwares and their respective Out of the Box (OOTB) features.

  Front-End User Focus Back-End User Focus Both
Functionality Tableau Domo Sisense IBM Cognos Qlik Pentaho Microsoft Power BI Oracle
Customizable Reports
Configurable Tables and Graphs
AI trend analysis    
Live data linking and updating
Data Catalog              
Data Connection Customization
Dashboard Customization
Report Annotation            
Cross Platform Compatibility      
Data Analytics
Deep Data Analysis
Individual User Filtering and Intractability    
Drag and Drop Dashboard Capability    
Data Filtration Tool    
Premade Graphs, Charts, and Tables
Auto Display Generation
Auto Data Analytics

*See full table click here

The tables below provide a summary of the OOTB feature count as well as other variables deemed useful for narrowing down a list of best-in-breed Data Visualization Softwares for healthcare. Each variable was summarized as follows for a rank order.

OOTB Features + Customer Satisfaction Rating – Cost of License = Tool Score

The table below is the ranking of all the tools compared with each other sorted from highest score to the lowest score regardless of user category.  Base on the scoring method and ranking, Domo ranks the highest overall with a  score of 30.2.

Metric Domo Microsoft Power BI Tableau Pentaho IBM Cognos Sisense Qlik Oracle
OOTB Features 16 14 14 15 14 14 14 15
Customer Satisfaction Rating 18.2 17.9 17.6 16.6 18.3 17.9 17.6 17.5
Cost of License $$$$ $$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$$ $$$$
Tool Score 30.2 29.9 29.6 29.6 29.3 28.9 28.6 28.5

*See full table click here

The table below is the ranking of the tools from highest score to lowest score sorted within each user category.  Based on the scoring method, Domo ranks highest among Front-End User Focus tools with a score of 30.2.  Among Back-End User Focus tools, Pentaho ranks highest with a score of 29.6.  Lastly, in the group labeled Both, Microsoft Power BI ranks highest with a score of 29.9.

  Front-End User Focus Back-End User Focus Both
Metric Domo Tableau Sisense Pentaho IBM Cognos Qlik Microsoft Power BI Oracle
OOTB Features 16 14 14 15 14 14 14 15
Customer Satisfaction Rating 18.2 17.6 17.9 16.6 18.3 17.6 17.9 17.5
Cost of License $$$$ $$ $$$ $$ $$$ $$$ $$ $$$$
Tool Score 30.2 29.6 28.9 29.6 29.3 28.6 29.9 28.5

*See full table click here


  • OOTB Features – sum of all claimed OOTB features identified through vendor websites using the standardized list in Table A. The score they got means that they had # out of the total 18 that were accounted for in Table A.
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating – a summation of the Ratings Overview scores received for each product on the Gartner page referenced here. The sum is of 4 subscores are customer submitted are in Evaluation & Contracting, Integration & Deployment, Service & Support, and Product Capabilities.
  • Cost of License – indicates the costs of licenses for the tool based on available information. Note total cost of ownership varies by vendor on many variables not researched in this summary.

Please note that for this review, Golden Source Consultants found a variance of less than 2 points between the highest-ranking and lowest ranking vendors. We encourage those considering data visualization solutions to request vendor demos for a small list of solutions before making final investment decisions to better explore fit.

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