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2021 Top 5 Learning Management Systems For The Healthcare Industry

What are the Features?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software which enables learning across an organization. Learning is an essential aspect of talent development, which is imperative for healthcare providers seeking to attract and retain top talent.  A good LMS presents the opportunity for a healthcare organization to develop continuing medical education content, share best practices across sites, respond to new or emergent needs, as well as build leadership capabilities. Golden Source Consultants helps providers develop custom learning solutions and we often receive the question, “Which LMS do you recommend?” To aid our Human Resource and Technology clients in making these decisions, GSC has researched and reviewed Learning Management solutions looking for Out of the Box (OOTB) Functionality, Customer Satisfaction, Fit for Industry, and Cost of License. The Table below reviews OOTB functionality for five key players in the healthcare LMS space.

Functionality Tovuti LMS Talent LMS Docebo Ethos CE* iSpring
Course Management
Progress Tracking, Reporting, and Analytics
xAPI Compatibility
Gamification of Courses
API Compatibility
App/Multimedia Compatibility
Customizable (Interface, Themes, Branding, etc.)
Files Repository
Videoconference Capabilities
Custom Profiles and Fields for Users
Multilingual Course Content
Internal Discussion Forums
Multiple Communication Channels
Course Rating Options
Custom Learning Paths
Blended Learning
Course Notifications

*See full table click here

*Ethos CE seems to have more OOTB features that are specific for healthcare providers as it is built for them as the main client base

The table below provides a summary of the OOTB feature count as well as other variables deemed useful for narrowing down a list of best-in-breed LMS for healthcare. Each variable was summarized as follows for a rank order.

OOTB Features + Customer Satisfaction Rating + Healthcare Fit (Binary) – Cost of License = Tool Score

Metric Talent LMS Docebo Tovuti LMS iSpring Ethos CE
OOTB Features (1-19) 19 16 17 17 14
Customer Satisfaction Rating 18.5 18.4 18.8 NA NA
Fit for Industry No Yes No Yes Yes
Cost of Tool $$ $ $$ $$ $$$$
Score 35.5 34.4 33.8 32** 27**

*See full table click here

**No publicly available scores for Ethos CE and iSpring were provided, so a score of 16 was used assuming that the score would be no lower than 4 out of 5 on each of the four metrics used in the Gartner study.


  • OOTB Features – • OOTB Features – the sum of all OOTB features identified through vendor websites using the standardized list in Table A.  The score they got means that they had # out of the total 19 that were accounted for in Table A.   
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating – a summation of the Ratings Overview scores received for each product on the Gartner page referenced here. The sum is of 4 subscores are customer submitted are in Evaluation & Contracting, Integration & Deployment, Service & Support, and Product Capabilities.
  • Healthcare Fit – references if a vendor has publicly indicated they have a tailored ITSM solution specifically for the Healthcare industry.
  • Cost of License – indicates the costs of licenses for the tool based on available information. Note total cost of ownership varies by vendor on many variables not researched in this summary.

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