Video Blog #8 – Why use a management consultant?

With all of the different options available for consulting services, what is the real value proposition of a management consulting firm versus the other options available to a client?  Three key questions are asked to help clients decide if management consultants are the best fit for their projects.

Do you need a team of resources?  Because management consultants have a distinct culture and have selected individuals with skill sets that work well together, they are often able to assemble more effective teams than a client can by choosing individuals through other options.

Does your project require a specific set of skills in combination with each other in order to be successful?  “The reason I ask this is because you want to make sure there is a methodology and someone looking at the project as a whole rather than a set of tasks an individual has to complete.  Consulting firms do bring that to the table.  That is something you would need to bring to the table yourself if you are looking at using a staff aug agency or independent contractor.”

The last consideration deals with what most clients identify as the reason for using other types of help.  That is the price.  In our experience at Golden Source Consultants for large, high risk projects the cost savings do not justify the additional risk.  The costs savings of the project being done correctly from the start far outweighs the cost of starting over or delaying a critical project.

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