Video Blog #7 – What Is Management Consulting?

What is management consulting?  Friends, family, and even clients often ask what management consulting really is.  Rather than focusing on the day to day tasks that consultants may undertake, which vary based on the type of project and business supported, the blog today focuses on clarifying the difference between different groups which may act in a consultative manner: management consultants, staff augmentation, and independent contractors.

First it should be noted what each have in common.  Whether a management consultant, staff augmentation, or independent contractor, they provide help for project based services but are not employees of the company they are helping.  “They are substitutes for one another, but not necessarily perfect substitutes.”, Jordan explains.  She then goes on to highlight the differences between each group.

Management Consulting
  • W2 Employees of the Consulting Firm
  • Specialized in Specific Skills
  • May Be a Large “Big 4” or a Boutique Firm
  • Tend to Have Team Based Projects
  • Project Delivered Over Fixed Period of Time
Staff Augmentation
  • 1099 Employees of the Agency
  • Maintain Resumes of Qualified Individuals of Specific Skillsets
  • Tend to Be Individual Assignments
Independent Contractor
  • An Individual Working for a Client Directly
  • Very Focused Subject Matter Experts
  • Different Rate Structure

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