Video Blog #6 – Where did the B&W photos on the GSC website come from?

If you’ve visited our website you may have noticed some of the photos.  As with everything related to the GSC brand there is a story behind them.  Learn more about it here.

Jordan Lofton explains that her love for photography has shaped her view of management consulting and she wanted that to be reflected in the GSC brand.  In particular she thinks that management consulting can help to show those they serve something they pass everyday in a new way.

She tells us, “These are all images taken around the Atlanta, Georgia area where we are headquartered.  These are all areas where our clients and even our team go quite frequently.  You pass them on your way to work, as you’re out and about showing your friends the city of Atlanta, these are places you know.  They’re probably places you’ve overlooked many times.”

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