Video Blog #12 – Should I Only Use Certified Project Managers?

Clients often struggle with finding the right balance of when to use a certified Project Manager or an uncertified Project Manager.  While each situation and individual may be unique, Golden Source Consultants helps clients make this decision by providing some general rules of thumb.

Small Project

This is the most appropriate use of an uncertified PM, as the project may be lower risk.  Small projects are often fertile ground from training new Project Managers for this reason.

Many Small Projects

When there are many small projects the benefits of a certified Project Manager are more evident, but uncertified Project Managers may still have the right skills to accomplish project goals.  The key is to ensure the person chosen has good time management skills and is comfortable managing the competing priorities of many projects.  Having a PMP should be counted as a plus because the person has more tools at their disposal to deal with such challenges, but it should not be the only consideration.

Large Project

For a large project Golden Source Consultants recommends the rule of thumb to use a certified PMP.  Due to the complexity of the project and number of stakeholders at many different levels, the project is best served by someone who knows how to manage the different areas.  In the certification process 3 years of experience must be demonstrated, thus giving the project sponsor peace of mind that this will not be the first time someone has used project management tools.


In this situation, Golden Source always recommends using a certified PMP, even in some cases requiring a Program Management certification.  The reason being is that this individual is responsible for ensuring the best practices of other project managers and therefore must be certified to understand the guidelines needed for all projects under the program umbrella to be successful.

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