Video Blog #11 – Should I Move From Waterfall to Agile Project Management?

The pace of change in the market is forcing companies to ask questions about how they can stay relevant and competitive.  In particular when many look at their project management methodology they ask if the Agile methodology may allow them to make key gains in a shorter period of time.  However, the shift from Waterfall to Agile is a large one, causing many of our clients to ask if they should undergo such a transformation.  Since there is no one size fits all answer, here are three questions that will guide an organization considering this choice.

1. What are the goals the organization is hoping to achieve by making the change to Agile?

Once the goals are clearly stated from the organization’s perspective then a conversation with the Project Management Office should be undertaken.  Waterfall may be a more appropriate fit for achieving goals.  Only through open dialogue and clearly considering the risks and rewards can the right decision be discerned.

2. What training and tools do you have available to help your team make the transition?

“The speed at which you roll things out needs to be the speed at which you have information available for your team to become familiar with Agile.” advises Lofton.

3. How can you start small and scale into Agile across the organization?

Organizations considering a shift should seek ways to start with low hanging fruit, allowing the organization to gain more experience safely with the new methodology.  The right approach of what is too big and too small should take place before the transition.

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