Video Blog #10 – Why Do I Need A Project Manager?

Often times on projects the team asks the question to leadership, “Why do I need a Project Manager?”  The team may ask this because they do not see many of the tasks that a Project Manager is required to do because they themselves are deep in completing a task.

Jordan reminds us that the role of the Project Manager is to be the one person accountable for the time, cost, quality, resources, and scope of the project from start to finish.  “Typically it is very hard for individuals who are actually doing the work to manage all of these different components and ensure that all of the goals are met for them.  What the project manager is there to do is to be a conduit for ALL of the different people working on the project to make sure that their pieces are done well, on time, on task, on budget.  Then they help you with any risks you may encounter along the way that would prevent those things from happening.”

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