The Golden Life

by Justin Holiday

Free GOLD?!… As heard by no one ever in the history of EVER!

In fact, what we know of gold has come at a price of just about everything other than free.  Gold was the first metal widely known to our species.  Since its rumored discovery by a young child in a creek thousands of years ago, it has contributed to every human culture and society. Gold was once referred as “tears of the sun”; the sun being one of the most heralded entities in history.

Gold has been associated with wealth, deity, success, and the glorification of many of history’s most prominent figures. This metal has built, driven, and been at the center of entire countries.  So in essence, gold has transcended its humble discovery, its basic chemical foundation, to become representative of a lifestyle.

So, what is a “Golden” life?

In my humble opinion, I would offer that it is one of high value. It is a life that is fought over, a life that is not just chosen but motivates the chooser through its glimmer. A “Golden” life would transcend basic composition to be considered its own path. This life is not stubborn; it is flexible so under heat and pressure it takes a shape that makes it more valuable than it once was specifically to the consumer. The word Golden suggests that it is gold-like and this description means that regarding the possessor, the choice can be made what attribute is included or discarded.

Now as I mentioned before, I declared that this was my opinion and based on my experience I have been inspired to decide what is included or discarded.

I have a secret…

…I live a Golden life, one that I have been fortunate to be made a part by Golden Source Consultants. 

The life that I described is exactly what I have personally seen with this organization. Because of the work of GSC, companies have seen lasting value which increases the value of GSC. We have been sought out as a result of our branding; we glimmered. Golden Source Consultants has transcended what has been known as the basic composition of a consultant. GSC starts off with one goal, to exceed the needs of the client. A lot of those times require flexibility under high-pressure circumstances, yet in the end this proves Golden Source Consultants even more valuable to the client than what was once believed.

I don’t believe it was a mistake that Golden is in our name. Gold, beauty, and power have always gone together. Golden Source Consultants has the value of gold, production worthy to be declared beautiful, and more than anything we strive to give our clients the power to provide incomparable services.

So make your fuss over us; we won’t prove you wrong. Better yet, let us help you make your own Golden Life.

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