The Black & White of Consulting

by Jordan Lofton

From the time I was 13, photography has been a passion. It started with picking up a National Geographic, and being curious about how someone could capture just a single moment so beautifully and so vividly. I had to know how I could do that. What that meant was I became an investigator. I looked up every piece of information about every camera and lens manufacturer. I checked out “The Joy of Photography” from the library. But no matter how many times I tried to set the family point and shoot camera f-stop I could not do it. That lead me to save my own money to buy my first SLR, and the rest is history.There are many different forms of art that are captivating, but still photography to me is something special.

DSC_0264_BWFirst, it is different from a painting. In a painting the artist has the leeway to change the truth. They are not bound by the same rules and laws that we see and experience, and so they can portray even a bowl of fruit in an extraordinary way. In photography, we are bound by the truth and by the laws of physics. I can change how I show you something, but not what I show you. I can capture the light, but I cannot change it. So the challenge becomes how as an artist do you show the truth in all its beauty and creativity.

Second, photography is a snapshot in time. It is a moment that will never repeat. It is a fraction of a second, frozen in time. As an artist, I am challenged to show you the one single fraction of a second that is meaningful, and to preserve it for you in a way that relays all of the emotion of that moment. I have to tell you a complete story in under one second.

DSC_0050_BWIn particular, I am drawn to black and white photography. Color surrounds us. It is the world we know and something our brain is trained to think within. But color is also a distraction. It hides from us the simple beauty of texture, light, and emotion that fill our world. As an artist I find it exhilarating that by stripping away an image to its barest essentials, I’m able to show the viewer the splendor of what was in front of them all along.

As a consultant I have found that many of the same things that have drawn me to photography, are the very same things that make me passionate about consulting. Clients often have a challenge in front of them and the project seems to change shape and move without them being able to get a glimpse of what it is their trying to do. So my job as a consultant is to slow down and focus on the image of their success. Clients come with so many incites, they are distracted by the color that paints their work day. So my job as a consultant is to look at their world in black and white. My goal is to show them the vision and the truth of that reality.

Each of the photos on the Golden Source Consultants website was taken with that vision in mind. They are pictures of areas that our clients in the Atlanta area will be familiar with. They may even pass them everyday. But like all of us, they are distracted by the motion and the color that surrounds them, and miss the elegance of what the engineering artists that built our city have created. I hope this gives clients a chance to see how Golden Source works and inspires those looking to join our team to think bigger than just a single deliverable.

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