Podcast – Millennial Myths Debunked by Real Millennials

Two millennials take the time to respond to questions about their wants and desires in the work place.

Podcast – How to Challenge A Millennial Employee

If engaging a millennial is proving difficult, the issue may not be that the individual is not a fit, it may be that the individual isn’t being challenged enough. Building on our conversation of millennial engagement today’s podcast explores how to challenge millennials.

Podcast – Keeping Millennial Employees Engaged

Once a young employee is hired employers want to see them not only do the job but engage with the role. Millennials are causing many employers to scratch their head asking “How do I encourage engagement so I retain my top young talent for the long term?” We discuss some of the challenges and opportunities in today’s podcast.

Podcast – Is There a Millennial Crisis?

Welcome to Episode One of the LION’s Den: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the first episode, we ask the important question: Is there a millennial crisis in the workforce? And if so,… Read More

Does GSC Only Hire Millennial Talent?

Grady Brain takes a moment to discuss the importance of understanding the changing culture in the workforce and how millennials have become and continue to be the driving factor behind that change.