Love Defined

  by Jordan C. Lofton In my last post, “What is Amor?” we reviewed some of the linguistics that have given us our understanding of the word love.  After Pieper explains the different root words, he asks the… Read More

What Is Amor?

by Jordan C. Lofton A few months ago Justin Holiday, a Golden Source Consultants’ Associate, wrote a series of blog posts about faith, hope, and love.  What a strange set of topics for a consulting firm to bring… Read More

Live Love

by Justin Holiday GIVE. HAVE. LIVE. LOVE. In all you are, live LOVE. The idea of LOVE is a simple one, yet it requires both HOPE and FAITH. In order to truly LOVE one but become so outside… Read More

Have Faith

by Justin Holiday GIVE. HAVE. LIVE. FAITH. In all that happens, have FAITH. The definitions of HOPE and FAITH may be similar but there is one thing about FAITH that takes it much further; FAITH relates to those… Read More

Give Hope

by Justin Holiday Golden Source Consultants (GSC) has set off on a journey, a success journey, and in this journey GSC will work with clients, offer solutions, and leave the client better than they were before. Sounds like… Read More