GSC LIONShare Panel Discussion

John Patterson, expert in Customer Experience expert speaks with Jason Allen (Autotrader), Ryan Magnon (Chick-fil-A), Gary A. Turner (Assurant), and Sean Tygrett (Cox Communications). Each of these dynamic leaders gives perspective on how their corporation is looking to Customer Experience as a key component to growing their business.

Video Blog #5 – Why does GSC capitalize the word LION?

If you’ve been to one of our LIONShares, visited our blog The LION’s Den, or heard someone on our team be referred to as a LION, you may have noticed a patter in how GSC capitalizes the word LION. Now we know why.

Video Blog #3 – How did GSC get its name?

There is much to a name, and Golden Source is no exception. CEO Jordan Lofton takes us back in time to a conversation that not only named GSC but established its focus on quality.

Video Blog #2 – What are GSC’s core offerings?

Consulting can mean many things to many people, so Golden Source Consultants takes a few minutes to share what they offer clients and why these particular offerings make a difference for their clients.

Video Blog #1 – How Did GSC Start?

Golden Source Consultants launches its new video blog with CEO Jordan Lofton answering the question “How did Golden Source Consultants start?”

Book Review: Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service

Chip R. Bell’s practical advice adding “Sprinkles” to every day interactions with customers to go beyond service and create delight is reviewed.

Does GSC Only Hire Millennial Talent?

Grady Brain takes a moment to discuss the importance of understanding the changing culture in the workforce and how millennials have become and continue to be the driving factor behind that change.

Gary Alan Turner – Assurant Solutions

Assurant, Inc. helps customers protect what matters most to them. Assurant provides specialty protection products and related services to safeguard against risks. With a strong commitment to service, sophisticated technology and an array of flexible tools, we build solutions to meet customers’ needs. Gary Alan Turner takes us into a deep dive of the why’s and how’s of Assurant’s approach to Customer Experience.

Sean Tygrett – Cox Communications

When we order our cable service we not only want great content delivered to our TV, but we expect that the installation be done quickly, easily, and professionally. Sean Tygrett explains to the Golden Source Consultants audience how Cox Communications seized an opportunity to not only save money with allowing customers to do self installations, but also provide a Customer Experience that meets those three needs. His leadership was even more thrilled when Sean showed how the Customer Experience project directly contributed to the bottom line.