GSC collaborates with clients to provide a roadmap for achieving breakthrough performance and driving continuous improvement across all functions of the organization.

Business Strategy

Creative, well-researched, implemented plans that deliver real ROI.
The GSC team:
  • Helps enterprises sustain value
  • Leverages decision modeling and industry matrices
  • Connects personnel to the project goals through effective training and messaging

Project Management

Using PMP best practices, our project management methodology streamlines project governance to ensure that risk, cost, and resources are expertly managed and deliver real value.
The GSC team:
  • Provides project governance and client-specific PMO deliverables
  • Helps enterprises standardize communication and establish efficient operating models
  • Builds trust among teams

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Business Process

Golden Source Consultants thoroughly prepares new users to become masters of processes that are sustainable, efficient, and that allow your business to focus on tackling your next challenge or implementing your next goal
The GSC team:
  • Applies Six Sigma approaches to process improvement
  • Implements high-leverage interventions and strategies
  • Creates processes where none existed before

Training Development & Facilitation

We focus on the ways people learn best, bridging the gap between knowledge and practice.
The GSC team:
  • Takes training from the classroom to the field by thinking about how people learn best
  • Helps audiences think through real world applications of the principles they are learning
  • Specializes in web-based training that can be integrated with any SCORMcompliant Learning Management System