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Welcome to Episode Five of the LIONs DEN: Conversations around a 21st Century approach to management and talent. In the fifth episode, we speak with two millennials, two recent graduates of the GSC Associates program, and hear straight from two millennials about the issues that are top of mind for them…and busting up millennial myths that are prevalent in today’s workforce…


Discussion guide for today’s show:

1. What was your favorite part of the GSC Associates program?

2. Team bonding meetings, activities, AND training (“learn more about each other…) were one of the highlights…

3. You cannot disregard training, as you see, it can be a CRITICAL part of the team building process…

4. What concerns do millennials have when entering into the workforce? “How do we apply all that we have learned?” “Are my skills specific enough?”

5. Despite the myth that millennials are “cocky and arrogant,” they enter into the workforce with a lot of anxiety..

6. Once in the corporate world, what challenges did you encounter that you were not expecting? “Adapting quickly to a client’s culture is a big challenge…”

7. People and organizations have concerns about working with millennials. But…what concerns do millennials have about working with traditional corporate clients? “Millennials are always up to solving problems, do don’t shy away from giving us these problems to solve…” “As a millennial, I want to have support…”

8. What are some things that employers have DONE WELL that excite millennials? “It’s not just about more pay…”

9. How can employers be successful in helping millennials achieve successful careers, or at least set them on a path towards success?

10. To close, we shift to the Millennial Lighting Round (About all the Millennial Myths we keep hearing about):
A. You love social media.
B. You prefer to order your products online.
C. You want more electronic communication vs. face-to-face communication.
D. You want your work to mean something.
E. You like to travel.
F. You like to travel for work.
G. You love GSC.

You’ll be surprised by some of these answers, BUT, the most important observation from the lightning round: The work of millennials has to MEAN SOMETHING!

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