Live Love

by Justin Holiday



In all you are, live LOVE.

The idea of LOVE is a simple one, yet it requires both HOPE and FAITH. In order to truly LOVE one but become so outside of themselves that they are able to, without fail, maintain expectation with confidence in something that is unproven and intangible.

Love is the absolute most powerful emotion and to be one of the shorter words in human language its power has caused wars, brought families together, and has been the impetus behind great sacrifices.

Love cannot be defined, it cannot be described; it can only be felt.

When I was a kid, busy watching television, as us millennial kids have become known for, there was a show with a young man considering the possibility of saying those “three little words” that people wait their whole lives for, “I love you.”  He went to the source of all relationship wisdom, Pop-Pop, his grandfather, and asked a simple question, “Pop, when you were dating grandma, how did you know she was ‘The One’?” Pop-pop, with eyes full of reflective joy, in sage wisdom he responded, “Son, I just knew. There was no great sign, I just knew that there was no one else that I could feel this way for, besides…”, as he laughs to himself,”… there’s no way your grandma would let me live otherwise.”

I just knew.

Pop-pop, wrapped himself in the beauty and wonder of his wife so much so that there was nothing more that he could be for her than LOVE. It ruled the way he operated, thought, spoke, in all things LOVE was he and he was LOVE.

So what Pop-pop could have said is, “While I once professed my love for your grandma, it has become so strong that for her, I have become LOVE. There is nothing else I can do or be when it comes to her and so for all the days I live, I will breathe the LOVE that I have for her.”

In all you are, live LOVE.

Live LOVE.

The beauty of LOVE is that we do not all experience nor do we become it in the same way, LOVE is constantly unique having only one commonality between us, the LOVE that God exemplifies for us. The one true standard for this subject and the only reason we can all be sure that it exists; simply by our existence.

What an amazing thing to know that no matter where your are or who you are, God is so encapsulated by His LOVE for you that despite how you are, if the young man were to ask God the same question, his answer would undoubtedly be, ”I just knew.” He would even go a step further in saying, “Similar to Pop-pop, I breathe Love too. The difference is that, when I breathe LOVE, new life is given.”

Imagine this LOVE in industry, and you would picture Golden Source Consultants. In every project, in every meeting, with every plan, we attempt to prove the unseen. It is a challenge that we welcome as we are so enveloped in the LOVE of the service we provide that we have become LOVE for each and every client, in each and every task.

In all you are, live LOVE.

There is a common saying, “If you LOVE what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” This statement speaks directly to the core of GSC, we do not provide quality in duty, this is unmistakably a LOVE-act; it is who we are, no matter the conditions, budget, not even who is watching. GSC is prepared to perform LOVE-acts, every day, without fail.

In all you are, live LOVE.

Over this series I have kept a secret, these are not separate entities, they are THREE in ONE. Consultants are not perfect, they are not without blemish, they make mistakes, they forget things, and they even become angry. However, when all of these things are embodied by the person of just one, they are able to influence outcomes through a positive perspective, which causes them to provide uncommon results at rare standards.

GSC is always HOPEFUL, while expecting with confidence that FAITH in the unproven, will eventually show itself as LOVE through the incredible results of unmatched quality

In all you do, give hope, that you may show your good faith, so your love may live beyond you.

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