Give Hope

by Justin Holiday

Golden Source Consultants (GSC) has set off on a journey, a success journey, and in this journey GSC will work with clients, offer solutions, and leave the client better than they were before.

Sounds like a pretty “run-of-the-mill” idea, right?


GSC is on a critical path to do so much more. Besides providing a service, GSC provides value. This value is one that cannot be measured or quantified, it cannot be stopped or deferred, this value begins on the day that dotted lines are signed and roles are confirmed. GSC has set on the journey to bring quantitative results, and among other values, GSC aims to exemplify HOPE, LOVE, and FAITH.

This is not some greeting card, but a declaration that GSC can be a leading example of those that give HOPE, have FAITH, and live LOVE. Over the next few posts in the success journey of GSC, we will take a look at what each of these three values mean and how they reflect on what can be seen as GSC transforms the “run-of-the-mill” into something that means so much that it cannot be measured.



In all you do, give HOPE.

The dictionary of Merriam-Webster defines HOPE as, “to want something to happen and think it could happen or be true”. It also offers a secondary definition of this verb, “to expect with confidence”. In its most natural state, HOPE is blind; blind to excuses, blind to environment, blind to conditions, and titles. HOPE is not concerned with current state, as it is a transitive verb; it is only concerned with the outcome that is yet to be determined.

In all you do, give HOPE.

Imagine if every day that you were blessed to see a new day, you had the opportunity to remind another, “to expect with confidence”. Now, take this thought and turn it into an assumption. You have officially begun your day as a member of the GSC team would. With every assignment, task, or project, GSC gives hope as a reminder to those that may have forgotten, “to expect with confidence”.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale once turned around the old saying, “Where there is life there is hope,” to “Where there is hope there is life.”

Why did he do this?

Because, as he put it, “You’re never beaten down as long as you have hope.”

Let’s play with numbers!

According to the National Science Foundation, each day the average person has 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. 95% of these thoughts are repeated over the course of the day and in its totality reveal the overall mindset of the person.

Let’s say everyone is a genius and thinks 70,000 thoughts per day. Let’s also assume that the world has been rid of procrastinators (what a tragedy that would be). Now, there are 24 hours in a day and everyone is a morning person, so they wake up promptly at 7am. During this first minute of the day, approximately 48 thoughts take place. If 95% of a person’s daily thoughts are repeats, then at this minute, a person is only granted about 3 thoughts to be hopeful. As a mindset is a cycle of beliefs to thoughts to actions to results, at the start of the day it is imperative that one of those 3 thoughts is an expectation with confidence.

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What happens when none of these 3 thoughts possess a hopeful affirmation?

Well one would go through the day, with no plan of perception for the many things that life has in store that day. This could lead to costly distraction, unnecessary failure, and worst of all, a detriment to any hope that could be used in the future.

Now, being that 5% of daily thoughts are original, if it does not happen in the first minute of the day, do not fret…you still have about 3,500 other chances.

The thing about when chance meets time is that, the more time grows, the lower chance gets. So while you do have 3,499 chances, it is harder to make the “hopeful” choice.

In industry and specifically to small or young companies it can sometimes be troublesome to see greatness in a limited source, especially when stacked next to larger companies with extensive reach and resources. On the other hand, with members of larger, more established corporations, it can be found to be difficult to maintain the mindset without a compromise of beliefs.

In all you do, give HOPE.

This is where GSC comes in, for all of those people who either missed the chance to break their mindset by making the “hopeful” choice, or those that are just finding it hard, GSC seeks to give hope as a reminder, “to expect with confidence”.

Expect to succeed where others have failed.

Expect to flourish where some have been tainted.

But, most importantly, expect to one day give HOPE to another that cannot presently imagine what it is like, “to expect with confidence.”

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