Does GSC Only Hire Millennial Talent?

by Grady Brain

The short answer is no, GSC hires throughout all demographics.  But an equally important question is, why does Golden Source Consultants focus on the millennial workforce?  When one thinks about it, the answer becomes one of common sense.

Golden Source Consultants was founded on the premise of understanding emerging social-economic demographics and how cultural influencers directly impact public and private sector clients.  Ok, but what does this really mean?  And are recent demographic trends only here today to be gone tomorrow?  Again, the answer is no, millennial talent is here to stay and so is their influence on all forms of business operations.

Millennials in The Workforce

Millennials are joining the labor force at unprecedented rates.  They have surpassed the once dominant group, Gen X’ers to become the largest demographic in American history.  As demographics change, so too do their wants, wishes, and desires.  At times, it is easy to lose sight of generational cultural differences even within a socio economic class.  What was once important to Baby Boomers may be less so to Gen Xers and even less by millennial standards.  But again, what does that mean?  It means in order to stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment, national and multi-national corporations (MNC) must thoroughly understand how to manage their workforce in order to remain competitive.

Millennial talent isn’t exclusively found in America.  Millennials are part of a growing global community that are well connectedly and hyper-aware of their environment.   Social media, technology, and mobile platforms are often a preferred form of communication versus traditional emails and phone calls.  A recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that by 2015, millennials will overtake the majority representation of the workforce and by 2030 this hyper-connected, tech savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce.

It is clear to see millennial talent is here to stay.  The question then becomes how do you train and keep millennial talent engaged?  This is where GSC shines.  GSC is a millennial driven, management consulting firm that focuses on successfully applying emerging demographics views in the industry.  We understand the requirements of our clients and apply proven methodologies shaped by millennials allowing us to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.  As a result, our clients see this value and are always eager to work with our team on new projects.

GSC’s Approach

GSC understands the unique brand millennials bring to the workforce and how best to effectively apply our strict internal processes to solve our client’s most pressing problems.  It is a perfect marriage.

Having managers who relate to the millennial point of view is very important.  As with any successful firm, managers and senior leaders are responsible for driving progress.  Our managers, directors, and executives closely follow and analyze market shifts and are quick to adjust, though still remain firmly grounded in foundational business principles.  Managers and directors tend to be more senior to millennials, however, are equally dynamic and passionate about social trends and their impact in our clients operations.

GSC understands the importance of providing a superior product for clients and employees alike. Leadership has created a win, win, win environment.  Clients win because of our heavy focus on product delivery and solving their greatest needs; employees win because of the open and inviting culture at GSC that allows for freedom to create and think outside the box; and our community wins because of our dedication to giving back to those that have given us so much.

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